Backup Module Version History

1.00.0017 :: 8th August 2005

The module is now more forgiving if you don't have any wishlists.

Some users were running Tivoweb in such a way that they never saw the main menu, and so when they got into the backup menu they weren't told what it was going to backup until they ran it. The backup menu text now mentions season passes & wishlists.

1.00.0016 :: 6th January 2005

Suppresses the event handling error seen on 6.2 Tivos and ignores TuningPreferences when restoring season passes.

1.00.0015 :: 31st December 2004

Fixes the problem that causes it to miss Series records, which could later cause a commit failed (0x30012) error during restore.

Changed the wording in the preamble to the restore to stop implying that the restore trace would be removed in a future version. It won't be.

1.00.0014 :: 9th November 2004

Added support for decimal channel numbers.

1.00.0013 :: 18th March 2004

Fixes the 'invalid attribute 0x40019' error that could appear when backing up.

1.00.0012 :: 7th March 2004

Added support for Australian TiVos.

Added the backup module version number to the backup file for diagnostics.

1.00.0011 :: 18th January 2004

Fixes a bug in channel remap that could crash the module.

Allows any channel to be remapped during a restore, not just the channels that couldn't be found on the new TiVo.

1.00.0010 :: 29th December 2003

Fixed problem with the file browser when TiVoWeb is working with relative rather than absolute directories

1.00.0009 :: 28th December 2003

Implements some suggestions from (censored email to avoid him getting spammed), namely:

  • After a backup file has been created the module shows a link to it so that it can be downloaded through the browser.
  • The backup menu now has a new option that lets the user upload backup files onto the TiVo through the browser.
  • The backup menu now has a rudimentary directory and file browser to let you see what backup files (or any other kind of file) are on your TiVo.

1.00.0008 :: 14th June 2003

Fixes the crash that happened after the module created the 'backups' directory.

1.00.0007 :: 8th June 2003

Puts up a 'please wait' message when taking the backup snapshot.

Detects & ignores season passes for wishlists that don't exist.

Catches errors in calls to the experimental TivoWeb function 'tms_to_fsid' so that if it fails the module can silently fall back to searching for series details via the server ID.

1.00.0006 :: 3rd April 2003

Minor fix to the code that trimmed the station list for a backup.

1.00.0005 :: 2nd April 2003

Trimmed the station list in the backup file to only store those stations with season passes against them - the rest were redundant. Should make large savings in time and memory on restores, especially for people with a lot of channels in their lineup.

Fixed a problem whereby the station list could be missing stations that had season passes on them (as seen by combatmedic on Tivo Community Forum).

Modified the backup file loader to cope with backup files created prior to this version that had missing stations - the missing stations are added to the end of the channel list with the callsign "MISSING" and the user has to map them to the real station before restoring.

1.00.0004 :: 28th March 2003

Only posted on the Tivo Community forum. Intermediate release that removed the store checks - they were too unreliable.

1.00.0003 :: 24th March 2003

Removed the store checks when taking backups.

1.00.0002 :: March 23rd 2003

Public release.

1.00.0001 :: March 16th 2003

Beta release.

1.00.0000 :: March 3rd 2003

Initial development.